Zoned Low Density Hotel, this beach front concessioned property is located in the tranquil pueblo of Manzanillo de Ario, 14 Kilometers from Cobano or 8 Kilometers north of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais on the south-west side of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. 

Concession permits have been approved and registered and development grants have been approved by ICT and the local Municipality in Cobano.

The property is approximately 4393.65 m2 and ‘L’ –shaped with 30.65 meters of road frontage.  2593.65 m2 has two building sites, one at beach level and one up higher with a spectacular tree top and ocean view.

1800 m2 is partially forested with plans to plant exotic trees and tropical plants.

Zoning allows for any commercial enterprise on a small scale, with buildings not more than two stories high.

A 22000 Liter tank for water storage has been buried into the earth on the upper building site and a well, located in the partially forested area keeps the water reservoir topped up.

The lower building site has a permitted 12’ x 20’ cement building which acts as a bodega (safe storage locker), but has been creatively finished inside with ceramic tiles, glass blocks and wood accents.  It presently has a kitchen, bathroom with hot shower and a living area with a large deck in front.  Future plans are for two bedrooms and a deck on the second floor.  The windows close up securely with metal shutters and lock inside at three points.  The door is also metal and has two secure dead-bolt locks which require the keys to unlock the door from the inside.  The solid cement construction, including a poured 6” concrete roof make the building and all belongings inside as safe as a vault.

The beach level area has been planted with two varieties of prolifically producing coconut palms, a guava tree, and cashew nut tree.  The canopy of a huge cenicero and ceiba and almond trees keep the afternoon sun filtered and a variety of odd, decorative palms, hosting orchid cactus add intrigue to the landscape.

A one minute walk down the driveway and across the public road (which uniquely is located in the 50 meter public zone) deposits you onto a beautiful, quiet, white sand beach.  The beauty of the beach in Manzanillo de Ario is that a natural reef at the mouth of the bay breaks the heavy surf, making the water an enjoyable place to swim, kayak and boogie board without the worry of undertows and being in the path of surfers.

The isolated beach continues north to a number of small rivers and the Bongo River 5 K. away is an excellent fishing spot and hosts a spectacular array of bird life.  On a typical sunny day you are able to see the coast well into northern Guanacaste province.

The best surfing beach on the Nicoya Peninsula is only a 10 minute drive south and snorkeling locations are plentiful 15 minutes south by car and many small tide pools for lounging or snorkeling are only a 10 minute walk away.

The local pueblo has three sodas featuring typical Tico menus, a bar, and two pulparias which stock basic supplies.

Busy Santa Teresa is a 15 minute drive south for more sodas, restaurants, grocery stores, hardware stores, two banks, internet cafes and nightlife.  Mal Pais is another 10 minutes further for more restaurants, fishing, zip lines, and snorkeling.   Cobano is the main town and is easily accessible within a 20 minute drive in the dry season, along an interior, well maintained gravel road.

The tourist wave has not arrived in Manzanillo and the locals would like to keep the community’s future as quiet and tranquil as it is today.

Asking price: $450,000.00 U.S.  ($102.46/m2)  NEGOTIABLE

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* the adjacent property, 2003 m2 has also had concession permits approved and is for sale.  Joined together, these two properties would make a perfect spot for a boutique hotel, rental cabinas, or a yoga and/or Stand Up Paddle-board retreat.  Business opportunities are endless because you are starting from a clean slate with this area yet untouched by tourism .  *See ‘Older Posts’ for more photographs and information on this lot.


View from main road

January 26, 2017

Tierra de Una Luna roadfront

Entrance To The Property

January 26, 2017

Entrance Into Property

This view is the driveway into the property from the main road.  The main road through Playa Manzanillo runs the length of the pueblo in the 50 meter public zone, between the beach and the properties fronting the beach.

Latest survey2

The Bodega

January 25, 2017

 Exterior of bodega

The Bodega is the ground floor of the first rental cabina planned for the property.  The temporary metal roof was constructed to be removed and bedrooms to be built on the thick cement slab of the second floor.  The bodega is presently the storage locker.  The solid, reinforced, cement filled blocks, reinforced cement doorway and window frames, and heavy gauge metal shutters and door which lock securely at three points, work together to be as safe as a vault.  See following photos of the finished interior.

View directly infront of deck of bodega

You can sit and watch the world go by, the antics of the squirrels, birds, monkeys, and iguanas that live in the tree canopy above and listen to the waves crashing on the beach.


View of property from north of driveway

The view in this photo is of the bodega on the property.  The photo was taken from the north side of the driveway along the public road frontage.

View of front yard from deck of bodega

This view is from the deck of the bodega toward the front yard, driveway, road and beach.

View from south of driveway at road front

This photo shows the view of the property from the south side of the driveway along the public road.

Road leading to the upper plantel

This is the road from the lower level of the property up to the upper building site.